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  • To “Take Back our Schools”! Yes, we must continue to advocate for public education funding in Sacramento and Washington DC. I have done that for years and will continue to do so. Of course, we must be fiscally prudent and find creative local solutions to our financial challenges, working with the Financial Advisory Committee to identify areas of potential cuts and reductions. But most importantly, we must identify a long-term approach to providing financial stability to our schools. We cannot be at the mercy of Sacramento and our governor every year. We cannot continue to lay off beloved teachers and cancel amazing programs. Manhattan Beach demands outstanding schools and so we must take it into our own hands and make our schools truly “Manhattan Beach” schools. 

  • To deliver a quality education for all students in our District. Understanding that students learn differently we need to continually evaluate and implement programs to ensure success for all students. In our current distance learning model, I support the tools and online resources the District invested in this summer and would continue to explore additional options. These tools will allow teachers and counselors to enhance online curriculum as well as offer critical support to students during these challenging times and beyond.

  • To reopen the schools in a safe manner for students and teachers, in accordance with County Health guidelines. I appreciate the work of the Reopening Committees and support the recommendations approved by the Board to open the EDP program. We must do whatever we can to give children the opportunity to experience live school this year and to support our teachers who want to be in the classroom with their students.

  • To continue to improve communication between the School Board, teachers, employees and the community. When I was District Advisory Council President, we created the District Communication Committee. The purpose of the committee, which meets on a monthly basis with the Superintendent, is to share information about each school site so that critical information can be effectively disseminated. 

  • To continue to develop a “Climate of Care” to create a supportive and healthy environment for all students. I  am currently the Mira Costa High School PTSA Vice President of Health & Wellness and serve on the MCHS Social Emotional Wellness Committee and the District Social Emotional Learning Committee, where we develop and implement programs designed to immerse children in the concepts of empathy, inclusion, responsible decision making and positive relationships. Understanding these concepts will allow children to better comprehend issues of social justice, equity, and diversity, resulting in them becoming better citizens of our schools and our community.

  • To focus on continuing efforts to green our schools. In 2016, I represented the District in Washington DC when MBUSD was awarded the designation of a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School District. During this process, we created a District Green Committee that has continued to promote environmental efforts on our campuses. Not only are these efforts positive for the environment, but in many cases, they result in long term cost savings for our District and improve the safety of our students and staff.

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