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Cathey Graves: Candidate For Manhattan Beach

School Board

Creating Solutions Together

"The Manhattan Beach Unified School Board is at a critical juncture. Our community needs leaders with the vision, integrity, knowledge, and experience to guarantee that the potential of our school district is reached. My experience as an attorney and a CPA, and my broad understanding of our schools make me uniquely qualified to serve as a trustee. I hope that you will give me that opportunity."

                                                                                                                Cathey Graves


Exemplary Qualifications and Proven Leadership

*  CPA, National accounting firm (2 yrs)                                               *  District Advisory Council (9 yrs)

*  Partner, Major LA law firm (16 yrs)                                                       *  President, PTA District Council

*  PTA Executive Boards, Pennekamp, MCHS (16 yrs)                            *  District Committees for Green, Communications and

*  President, Pennekamp PTA                                                                      Social Emotional Learning

*  Representative, Pennekamp School Site Council                            *  Representative, Washington, DC. National Green Award

*  President, MCHS Cross Country Boosters                                          *  Chair, Amigos Unidos

*  Board of Directors, MBEF                                                                      *  President, National Charity League, South Bay Chapter

*  Volunteers Chair, MBEF Wine Auction                                                 *  Leader, Girl Scout Troop 15835 (12 yrs)

*  PTA/District Sacramento Lobbying Team                                          *  Executive Committee, Boy Scout Troop 860 (10 yrs)

*  Community organizer, MB Parcel Tax                                                 *  Coach, AYSO/MBLL/MBYB

*  Chair Young at Art, Growing Great, Scholar Quiz                              *  Volunteer, Friendship Foundation/BCHD/Reading Partners

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